Race Face Chester Pedals stick like glue

I bought a mountain bike on a whim. A few of my friends had just recently gotten into the sport and I was looking for a new hobby. I love the outdoors, enjoy action sports and had been slacking off on my exercise routines, mountain biking seemed like a great way to get outside and burn off all the beer I had been drinking on the weekend. I went out and bought a bike without ever hitting the trail once, to be honest, I hadn’t ridden a bike in what felt like years. And I fully stand by the sport when I say getting involved was one of the best things I have done in a long time.

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I immediately noticed that I had a long journey ahead of me before I could consider myself even an adequate mountain biker. I was consistently falling off the bike, had trouble getting up and down most of the obstacles and found myself losing the pedals after every bump. Six months in I had conquered most of my fears and finally felt comfortable out on the trails. With this new-found confidence, I felt it was the time to start upgrading my bike to try and improve my weakness.


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Everyone I spoke with suggested that I upgrade my pedals first. I wasn’t and still am not comfortable with the idea of clipping in and decided a new set of fat pedals would be the best direction. After some period of testing out friends pedal setups and scouring the internet, the Race Face Chester Pedal fit the bill for what I was looking for: a fat pedal, nylon-build, metal pegs and affordable for a newcomer.

Of course, when you buy new bike gear it rains for days. My first ride with these was sloppy, to say the least, the kind of ride where I was sure to come off the pedals due to my inadequate shoes and muddy terrain. These pedals performed brilliantly!

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On each side of the pedal, there are eight aggressive removable steel pins that keep your feet stuck like glue. The pedals are wide and allow for excellent climbing and downhill control, my first ride out I had trouble adjusting my foot because I wasn’t used to that kind of grip. 10 rides in and the pins are still in just as good shape as they were when I first installed them. The pin height is 5.11mm. You can pull up on these pedals almost as if you are clipped in.

Because of its nylon design, the pedals are very light compared to its competition, weighing only a super-light 175 grams per pedal. The pedals also come in a variety of colors including, red, blue, black, green, orange, yellow, purple and a nice teal, you can definitely found a color that matches your bike’s color scheme. The nylon also doesn’t show scratches like an aluminum pedal might. I’ve had some pretty jarring pedal strikes and you can hardly notice any of the scrapes.

They feature a chro-mo axle with a fully-serviceable bearing and bushing system.


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The Race Face Chester Pedals perform just as well, if not better, than more expensive aluminum flat pedals. For a beginner looking for their first bike upgrade or a seasoned-veteran looking for improved performance, look no further than these pedals. The Chester’s are sure to provide hundreds of miles of continued enjoyment at a fraction of the price of the competition.

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